What do we mean by ``Transformative Design``

Transformative Design is related to Transformative and Transdisciplinary Research both of which are an essential component for a design to inspire transformation. An additional component is the collaboration between the designer and the final user, thereby blurring roles and authorship to create a shared endeavour. Our approach to a creative process is thus influenced by social anthropology, where the outsider provides a valuable perspective on what eventually needs to be adopted from within. Finally, transformative design is about endurance and trusting the creative process. It is about challenging our boundaries and overcoming resistance in a positive and integrative manner.

At Paititi Lab, we work across disciplines and facilitate understanding between mind-sets – “We create bridges”. By engaging with change, calling us to re-think and re-consider the stories and convictions we uphold – “To re-frame stories”As in all creative work we learn through prototyping and through implementation -“And Manifest”.