Martin Moll has been working as a consultant with ample expertise in environmental topics and knowledge media. He also built the PROMIC, that later was adopted by Bolivian authorities for a national watershed management plan, essential for disaster risk prevention. Besides his engagement with development issues, Martin is a Parson School trained photographer and filmmaker with a long track record of international knowledge management and […]


Nicole is an author, facilitator and entrepreneur, with a passion for restoring harmony in how we relate to the Earth. Co-founder of several non-profit organisations (including EDGE Certified Foundation and the Forum of Young Global Leaders), she is now putting her experience in social entrepreneurship at the service of others, as strategic advisor to projects in the field of sustainability and conservation (National Geographics, Treesisters, […]

Founder Paititi Lab

Integrating art with sustainability and social change throughout her career, Sonja was trained at London Film School (2001) and earned a Masters in Social Anthropology (2006) from University of Zurich and UNAM, Mexico. After her studies, she spent ten years working on media and community engagement projects at the intersection of art and sustainability. Extensive assignments took her to Latin America, East Africa and Asia. […]