Samauma - Principles

The Samauma is our inspiration for our Work and Design Guidelines.

The “Samauma” or “Mapajo” (Ceiba) is the tallest tree in the rainforest. It is powerful, mystical, sacred and is a home and in connection with many living beings, water, winds and weather.

  • We cultivate respect, interconnectedness of everything we do, patience, collaboration and giving back.
  • We work by honouring what became before us and what will come after us. This includes all living beings.
  • We understand humanity as part of nature no matter how seemingly far away we may feel.
  • We believe in learning by doing.
  • We value expertise coming from many sources and regardless of age and formal degrees.
  • We make “sense” with all senses beyond the intellect.
  • We see technology and nature as a continuum.
  • We work in the spirit of love for what we do.