At Paititi Lab, we work with different specialists building on a shared world-view, experience and dedication.

Integrating art with sustainability and social change throughout her career, Sonja was trained at London Film School (2001) and earned a Masters in Social Anthropology (2006) from University of Zurich and UNAM, Mexico. After her studies, she spent ten years working on media and community engagement projects at the intersection of art and sustainability. Extensive assignments took her to Latin America, East Africa and Asia. […]


Sonja Schenkel, PhD – Founder

Nicole is an author, facilitator and entrepreneur, with a passion for restoring harmony in how we relate to the Earth. Co-founder of several non-profit organisations (including EDGE Certified Foundation and the Forum of Young Global Leaders), she is now putting her experience in social entrepreneurship at the service of others, as strategic advisor to projects in the field of sustainability and conservation (National Geographics, Treesisters, […]


Nicole Schwab – Co-Creator

Collaborations & Co-Creators

Damian Christinger (*1975, Zurich) studied  Art History and Intercultural Studies. He works as an independent curator, publicist and lectures at the University of the Arts Zurich on transcultural theory and practice, the Anthropocene and the cultures of food. His main focus is on the construction of “the Other” in intercultural relations and art history. He has written extensively on transcultural issues, the Anthropocene and published on such different topics as the cultural landscapes of Singapore, the reception of the Amazon in Western art or the histories of curry. In 2018 he co-curated the “Assembleia MotherTree” with Daniela Zyman in the monumental installation “Gaia MotherTree” of Ernesto Neto in collaboration with the Fondation Beyeler in the Main Station of Zurich.


Damian Christinger – Co-Creator/Ka’apor

Simon has a MSc in climate sciences with an emphasis in economics and founder of EARTH&ME productions, he is passionately working at the intersection of arts and science.


Simon Steffen – Earth & Me Production – Co-Creator/Click-Plant

Dr. Björn Müller is co-founder and managing partner of Stride, the first Swiss school for ‘Gesellschaftsgestaltungstum’, and of BEAM, a transdisciplinary dream tank. As an implementation-oriented lateral thinker, he combines the worlds of education, research, art, design and entrepreneurship in his projects. As a lecturer, speaker and researcher he works on topics such as ‘Social Innovation’, ‘Collaboration & Leadership’ and ‘Transformative Learning’. As an education entrepreneur, Björn Müller has been dealing with the future of ‘lifelong learning’ for four years through the school ‘Reallabor’ Stride. As a coach, consultant and facilitator, Björn Müller accompanies individuals, teams and organisations through sustainable learning and change processes. For two years he was head of the Psychological Counseling Center of the University of St. Gallen. His studies of psychology at the Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg i. Br., were followed by an interdisciplinary PhD “Organizational Studies and Cultural Theory” at the University of St. Gallen.


Björn Müller – Stride – Co-Creator

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